Stijn Zoontjens

Senior Product Designer


Stijn Zoontjens is a Dutch product designer passionate about crafting intuitive, accessible, and delightful user experiences. He started his career at Google and now works for Doist, the remote company behind award-winning productivity platforms Todoist and Twist.

After completing his Master's in Industrial Design from The Eindhoven University of Technology, Stijn has focused on shaping products that reach users worldwide. His passion lies in the details that make a design not just functional but also enjoyable to use.

When he's not designing, Stijn loves to focus on his synthpop project STNO. He also enjoys tinkering with LEGO and planning his next backpacking trip.

Todoist Refresh: A Behind-The-Scenes Look

Todoist is a popular task manager trusted by over 5 million people worldwide. In early 2024, Todoist’s design team started “Todoist Refresh,” a project to rethink what Todoist should look and feel like in the modern productivity space. In this talk, Stijn Zoontjens, senior product designer at Todoist, will give a behind-the-scenes look at this project.

How do you differentiate yourself in a crowded market where great product design has become a commodity? How do you let your brand shine through in your product? How can you use Northstar designs to influence leadership decisions? And how do you roll out a major design update while millions of users rely on your product daily?