Basak Haznedaroglu

Head of Design


Basak is a multi-disciplinary thinker, educator, coach, and speaker. She has spent years as a design executive, leading design teams and developing strategies at visionary companies like Microsoft, SoundCloud, InVision, Foursquare, and many more. She currently leads Design and Research at Blockstream, a blockchain company focusing on the financial infrastructure of the future.

Outside of work, she loves building communities and connecting people across different cultures. She co-founded OpenIDEO Berlin to create social impact through design and craft solutions to our world's biggest challenges in sustainability, healthcare, education, and diversity. She is also an ambassador of Geekettes and Hexagon, both aimed to empower and support women and non-binary people in technology.

Navigating Times of Uncertainty: How to Reshape the Way We Think

As design continues to advance at an unprecedented pace and radically transforms human life, we all face the challenge to adapt, evolve, and reshape our thinking while staying optimistic and connected.

In this talk, Basak will dig deeper into new processes and methods to reshape our product, design and business thinking in order to navigate change and uncertainty successfully. She will also explore practical ways to elevate organizational skills through establishing transparency and trust in teams.