No matter if you are attending in-person or online, you will receive a link to watch the conference online and will get access to Design Matters +, the archive containing all the talks, interviews, and performances from all previous Design Matters events - for a total of 500+ videos.

The live-stream link will be sent to you via email the day before the conference. The talks will be uploaded onto Design Matters + a few days after the event, so that you can watch and rewatch what you missed or loved, and watch all the videos from the previous years. On the same platform you can also find the presentation slides of each talk.

You have access to the Design Matters + for free for one year. After that, you can decide whether to renew the subscription and stay on the platform or let the subscription expire.


Design Matters 24 is a three-day conference full of talks, workshops, networking activities, and evening performances


On Day 1 the event will kick off late in the morning, whereas Day 2 & 3 will start at 9 am, but the doors will be open from 8 am. Coffee, tea, breakfast and lunch will be provided at the venue on all days of the conference. Dinner will be provided only on Day 2.

Part of the program are the Nerd Tracks. A Nerd Track consists of shorter Nerd talks happening at the same time as a workshop. You can choose whether you want to listen to the Nerd talks or attend the workshop. If you want to attend the workshop, you have to sign up for it. You will receive an email a few days before the conference, where you will be able to sign up for the workshops you want to attend. If you do not sign up for any workshop, your Nerd Track will automatically consist of the Nerd talks.

Day 1 of the conference will focus on crafting and networking. For the highly interactive nature of the activities on this day, you will also be asked to sign up for these activities a few days before the conference.

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