Paula Madrid

Lead Graphic Designer


Paula Madrid is a Spanish architect and graphic designer who has worked at BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) since 2017. After two years in architectural design, Madrid shifted her focus towards graphic design and visual communication, which is ultimately her true passion. She currently serves as the Global Manager for Graphic Design and Exhibitions.

Among Madrid's accomplishments is her participation in the design of the FORMGIVING exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center in 2019, as well as the subsequent publication of the monograph of the same name. Additionally, she was part of the team responsible for the redesign of BIG's new website. Madrid also recently led the team responsible for crafting the visual identity for the 3daysofdesign Festival in its 2024 edition.

Besides her professional pursuits, she enjoys exploring the world of digital art and illustration, where she blends creativity with technology to bring new ideas to life.

Crafting Clarity: the power of visual storytelling

In this talk, Paula will tell about her journey from architecture to graphic design, explaining how she discovered the power of conveying complex ideas without words. Through examples, she’ll illustrate the role of storytelling in architecture and share insights on simplifying intricate concepts into digestible diagrams. Finally, she’ll share her experience designing a user-friendly language for an architectural guide to space.