Nadiim Nafei

Hardware Project Manager


Nadiim is a seasoned Product- and Design leader with over a decade of hands-on experience in various fields within design, UX and engineering. With a mixed background in Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering, he is a passionate advocate for an intersectional- and holistic design approach to create more robust and coherent solutions. By challenging the status-quo and reframing the narrative, he is proficient at breaking down silos, connecting the dots between design, engineering and business and the people within, to create fruitful foundations and sustainable impact. In his spare time Nadiim moonlights at Sohabi Studio, a design agency and experimental design space he founded to help small companies elevate their business through design. Additionally he co-organizes recurring intersectional design meetups in Copenhagen to help foster growth in the design community.

From Pixel Pushing to Impact: How to be a catalyst for change as a Designer

People in the field of design often have to put aside their own opinions in pursuit of understanding the underlying motivations of users to find key insights that drive product development. But if designers are such good sense-makers, then why are they so often treated as little more than “pixel pushers”? Many designers tell stories of how they experience challenges in getting buy-in from stakeholders, getting face-to-face time with managers, or influencing decision makers – let alone getting a seat at the table! It doesn’t have to be this way – it shouldn’t be this way!

In this workshop you’ll explore methodologies to break free from the mold of “make pretty” to influence product strategy by harnessing your user-centered sense-making skills as a designer. Acquire the mindset and tools to communicate the value of your ideas and your work to transform them into measurable value and impact, and elevate your role in decision-making.

Together with Nadiim, you’ll learn to reshape the narrative and empower design to drive meaningful change.