Adilice Sanches & Annie Lange

Staff Product Researcher | Senior Technical Program Manager

Pleo | Cognism

With a background in architecture, research and digital products, Adilice is a customer advocate on a mission to help companies develop meaningful solutions through insights-driven strategies. You can currently find her at Pleo – a Danish fintech unicorn – working within the product organisation to grow their understanding of customers’ needs and help them identify new business opportunities. Her previous experience includes consultant and product owner roles, but they can still be summarised as customer-centric product development. An unconventional career path that has led her to leverage experimentation in everything she does while keeping people and context at heart.

In her career, Annie has worn every single hat in a start-up - with the exception of sales. She was the 7th hire at RelateIQ in San Francisco, acquired by Salesforce in 2014 for ~400M, where she helped scale engineering and product operations. Since RelateIQ, she has worked at Slack and Pleo, and advises early stage start-ups. After a decade in the Bay Area, Annie is now based in Copenhagen with her latest challenge: learning Danish.

The Second Life of Forgotten Ideas

What is an idea? By definition, it’s a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action. But, what is the value of an idea? Now, that is harder to define. A value can be subjective, and vary depending upon context, historic period, and the eye of the beholder. For one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Since their inception, intellectual property and patent laws have led to controversy, because the lines between idea & implementation are always blurry. And now, modern technology is challenging the illusion of stability in these topics.

But, could that be a good thing? Could society benefit from a patent free world where we continuously repurpose for the common good?

In this workshop, we will explore once patented ideas and the concept of ownership as a foundation to look forward with a technological slant.