Ellen Berglund & Haya Termanini

UX Design Lead | Arch. Tech and storyteller

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Ellen is the UX Design Lead at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects in Copenhagen, where she makes life easier for architects by designing intuitive digital tools. With a Master of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from Lund University, Ellen shifted from creating physical products to digital experiences, always keeping the user's needs at the forefront. One of her proudest achievements is a real-time area tracking tool for 3D modeling that has transformed how architects work. Ellen is also known for her engaging workshops, where she shares her passion for user-centered design.

Haya is an Architectural Technologist at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects in Copenhagen. Besides her job, she is also a storyteller at DFUNK and a Collaboration Coordinator at Building Diversity. Through architecture, storytelling, and art projects, Haya aims to raise awareness about social sustainability and the importance of diversity. With several years of experience in public speaking, Haya aims to share her knowledge through the storytelling workshop.

Sharing Knowledge through Storytelling

Join Ellen and Haya’s workshop to boost your design communication skills and create valuable knowledge-sharing cards. They’ll start with a quick introduction to storytelling basics, where they’ll dive into a hands-on exercise where you’ll refine your story from 10 minutes to one impactful sentence, honing your ability to convey ideas clearly and concisely.

In the second segment, you’ll apply your new skills to create personalized knowledge sharing cards, designed to aid in future design presentations, interviews, and pitches, and to share knowledge by highlighting a design principle, best practice, tool, or challenge. These cards will be digitized and shared on a public website and foster a community of designers
exchanging insights and best practices. You’ll leave with practical, knowledge-sharing cards and the confidence to tell your design story compellingly.