Reginé Gilbert

James Weldon Johnson Professor

New York University Tandon School of Engineering

Reginé Gilbert is a James Weldon Johnson Professor at New York University who is highly respected for her leadership, expertise, and influence in design, education, and authorship. Reginé is driven by a profound commitment to fostering a more accessible world, firmly rooted in user-centric principles from start to finish. Her research endeavors center around digital accessibility, inclusive design, and immersive experiences, exploring ways to create inclusive digital environments. In 2019, Reginé published her debut book, "Inclusive Design for a Digital World: Designing with Accessibility in Mind," which was warmly received by industry professionals and readers alike, published under Apress Publishing. Notably, she is also collaborating with Doug North Cook on an upcoming book titled "Human Spatial Computing," slated for publication by Oxford University Press in 2024.

Open Round Table

Reginé will be the facilitator of an open round table discussion: a group of designers, each one representing a past edition of Design Matters, will gather in a round table discussion to reflect on the conference theme “What makes a designer a designer?”. Each designer will join the discussion, talking about what they have learnt over the past few years in relation to the theme, including suggestions and recommendations for other and future designers. Each designer will provide achievements and areas for growth – lessons learned from successful projects and less successful projects. The designers in the round table discussions will use examples from their experience, career and case studies they’ve worked on.

During the discussion, the audience in the room can choose whether to only listen or take part in the discussion.

The main takeaways from the round table discussion will be presented on stage at the conference by Reginé. The content created during the roundtable and provided by the designers beforehand will then be shared with the attendees.