Pablo Stanley

Designer, Illustrator, Co-founder

Musho - AI Designer

Pablo Stanley is a Co-founder at Musho—AI Designer, and Blush, a tool to unlock people's creativity. He is working in Bueno, and previously made Robotos, Humankind, Transhumans, Humaaans, Open Peeps, etc. Previously he was a Lead at InVision, a Staff Designer at Lyft, and co-founder of Carbon Health. He gives design workshops and shares design tutorials on YouTube. He also hosts a design podcast, manages Latinxs Who Design, gives talks around the world, and writes silly comics.

The Succesful Imposter

Pablo will entertain the audience with a Night Talk – expect the unexpected and let Pablo’s quirkiness conquer your heart!

How an immigrant from Mexico convinced techies that he knew what he was doing to get a nice-paying job and later fund his idea of filling the world with doodles. And how you can fool others too!