Luke Murphy

Head of Marketing


Luke (they/them) currently leads the advocacy team at zeroheight. Before zeroheight, Luke has worked as an IC and leader in product design and advocacy teams at Memrise, Mr & Mrs Smith and Microsoft. They host the Design Systems WTF podcast and co-organise the WDC conference in Bristol. When they’re not shouting about design systems and designops, they are busy raising their 11-year-old son, shouting in a queer punk band or telling the world why Josie and the Pussycats is a criminally underrated film.

Fail Better

Luke’s life is a masterclass in failure, spanning tech startups, art projects, theatre companies, and even marriages. If there’s a way to fail, Luke has found it, tried it, and probably failed at it.

Join us for a session where Luke will attempt to put a positive spin on his greatest flops. You might not leave inspired to embrace failure, but you’ll definitely enjoy a little schadenfreude. After all, nothing says “light evening entertainment” like someone else’s relentless string of screw-ups.