Niche Chathong

Senior Product Designer


Niche is a passionate designer crafting elevated music experiences at Musixmatch in Bologna, Italy. She is fortunate enough to work on the product she has been a long-time fan of.

Originally from Bangkok, Niche's journey has spanned over ten years, exploring various design roles and disciplines. With a background in industrial design, architectural design, and communication design, Niche has worked with diverse companies specializing in industrial design, visual design, experience design, and product design. Her versatility and consumer-centric approach have been the driving force behind her success.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Niche has been working on illustration and believes it's how to understand people and objects and convey their perspectives. She also writes design blogs at futurecrafter.com, exploring the intersection of art, science, and design. Niche seeks to deepen her understanding of technology's impact on design and human interaction; she is currently studying Computer Science at the University of London.

Designing for a Global Community

Join Niche as she explores the benefits of designing in diverse cultural contexts. She’ll dive into the evolution of the design industry and discuss how designers can stay competitive by embracing continuous learning. Her journey has been transformative in helping her design the consumer product in Musixmatch.com and Musixmatch Academy – an initiative that empowers users to contribute high-quality lyrics for a global user interface. She’ll share insights on the advantages of multilingualism in design and how it leads to more empathetic and engaging user experiences.