Aske Stampe

Senior Product Designer

Be My Eyes

Aske has led the UX and UI efforts at Be My Eyes since 2021. Be My Eyes is an app connecting sighted volunteers with blind and low vision people. He played a key role in the recent launch of Be My AI, transforming how people who are blind or have low vision experience the visual world through artificial intelligence. Deeply committed to creating accessible and inclusive products, Aske is passionate about enhancing the everyday lives of users through thoughtful design. He completed his Masters in Information Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark, in 2019.

Accessibility meets AI

Today’s designers need a diverse skill set and must quickly adapt to new technologies like AI. One crucial skill is designing accessible solutions, a practice that’s essential even when rapid execution is required.

Aske will reveal how Be My Eyes, an app for people who are blind or have low vision, secretly collaborated with OpenAI to test the first version of Chat GPT-4V and successfully launched an accessible chat experience. He will also discuss how Be My Eyes taught the AI to be accessible and meet real user needs.

Aske will share his insights on why accessibility is a fundamental responsibility for designers and how it can help you stand out in a commoditised landscape.