Troels Villumsen, Andrea Østmo da Costa, Veronica Bluguermann & My Enetjärn

Design System Lead | Sr Design Researcher | Sr Service Designer | UX Designer

Laerdal Medical

Troels is an experienced visual designer with a degree in Graphic Design. Troels has contributed to various design projects spanning print media to digital platforms for more than two decades, where he has been dedicated to designing world-class healthcare education solutions specializing in UI and UX. Troels has a pivotal role in the organization's DesignOps team, leading the development of Laerdal's design system, Life.

Andrea is a designer from Norway and Brazil, with an education in material design and design methodology from St. Martins in London and KADK in Copenhagen. Her experience ranges from design development of products and services to working on social development projects in the field, conducting qualitative design research, and hands-on design training. Her interest in exploring the intersection between design, art, culture, technology, and people drives her. Andrea is part of Laerdal’s ResearchOps initiative (called Realiti) and the Strategic Research department, focusing on discovering future life-saving opportunities that can benefit clinical and learning interventions.

Veronica, a Senior Service Designer from Argentina with over ten years at the crossroads of Design and Health, is a seasoned designer who's made impactful strides across various design roles and industries. For example, she’s worked as a researcher to foster Design Thinking in public health, designed services to improve maternal health outcomes in low-resource settings, and developed solutions for newborn resuscitation training. Now, she’s channeling her talents into facilitating business discovery within nursing education. Veronica has an Industrial Design degree from the University of Buenos Aires, an MA in Strategic Design from Aalto University, and is currently honing her business acumen via an MBA at Quantic School of Business and Technology.

My is a talented young designer from Sweden with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the Umeå Institute of Design. She is currently working on UX projects at Laerdal in Copenhagen. My has a keen interest in inclusive and speculative design. She loves to express her personality through fashion design and various hands-on creative projects. At Laerdal, My has contributed to developing products that range from improving the effectiveness of simulations to creating tools for designing simulation activities, benefiting both healthcare professionals and educators. My's work is focused on bringing creativity and innovation to the fields of healthcare and education.

The Futures Healthcare Fair: The artifacts of the futures

What signals of change do you see for the future? Are you optimistic, pessimistic, or neither- why?

Join for a creative and hands-on session and become both inventor and merchant of the artefacts of the futures of healthcare. You will become familiar with the Futures Bazaar methodology as a Forecasting and Ideation tool, where everyday items are transformed into futuristic objects that aim to provoke thought, amuse, and inspire.

Just as you might travel to different places to have new experiences and see how others live, creating a Futures Fair is a way to explore each other’s imaginations. This collective effort is the first step to co-create alternative future scenarios. You’ll explore the potential impacts of these futures on healthcare, identifying innovative opportunities and challenges they present.

Come and experience this activity of futures thinking, and explore the futures of healthcare!

Special Requirements:
• Access to ChatGPT from your mobile device or laptop.
• One object you don’t need anymore. It should be something that does not take up much space in your backpack or purse. Be mindful that this object will be hacked or destroyed during the workshop.