Aurélia Durand

Artist and author


Aurélia Durand is a French artist passionate about creating joyful, playful, and colorful artworks, whose work is dedicated to representing people of colour in society. She is also the author of "You Are an Artist" and "Dance for Joy". Aurélia specializes in illustrating articles or books, designing campaign visuals, and animating short videos. She has collaborated with such renowned brands as YouTube, Warner Bros, Nike, and Google. One of her proudest achievements is her contribution as an illustrator to the #1 New York Times bestseller This Book is Anti-Racist.

Life experiences are the fuel for creating truly meaningful and impactful art

Aurélia will use the power of colors to spread messages of peace and inclusivity in her talk. Her art in fact portrays a united and diverse community where every individual’s fate is intertwined. These vibrant personalities represent the unified voice of a global community whose dreams, hopes, and desires envision an inclusive future for all. During her talk, Aurélia will share how her life experiences have influenced her art, which aims to connect with people’s similarities and empower underrepresented communities. Her art gives voice to those in a world that doesn’t always represent them in their realities.