Where to stay
and how to get around?

30072076835_ac02f931ef_b-compressor.jpg Copenhagen is a pocket-sized fairytale and innovative hub of ideas.
36018109956_e7e0b72f3b_b-compressor.jpg Copenhagen is a pocket-sized fairytale and innovative hub of ideas.

Design Matters is always held in Copenhagen. We are in love with the restaurants, the museums, the lakes and a lot more!

We have made an insider's guide to Copenhagen, based on our own favourite places. We hope you'll enjoy it as mush as we do.


The conference is held in an old industry neighbourhood at our venue near the harbour, so there aren’t any hotels real close. We'll recommend you all to stay in either at “Østerbro” or Downtown. However, from both places you'll need to take a bus or bike to the conference though.

The historical one: Babette Guldsmeden
The one located in city centre: Ibsens hotel
The charming but quirky: Hotel Rye
The cheaper one if you book ahead: Wake up Borgergade
The luxury hostel (10%): Steel House


When you arrive in Copenhagen it is easy to find public transport and get around by trains, Metro, busses (and waterbuses). One of the perks when traveling in Denmark is the Danish punctuality, so expect the public transportation to be very reliable and punctual. All means of transport can be accessed with the same ticket, so all you need to know the number of zones you'll pass on your journey, since Copenhagen is divided into different zones.

Get to the city centre

By metro, it only takes 15 minutes from CPH Airport and 10 minutes by bus to get to Nørreport station, Copenhagen’s traffic nerve center. From here you can easily reach your hotel. You can buy a ticket for public transport in the arrivals hall of CPH Airport. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or need our assistance, when planning your trip.


Join the locals ride a bike around Copenhagen. You can rent a bike a almost every bikeshop around the city or rent a bycykel (The City Bike), the City Bike is after all synonymous with Copenhagen. 

Partners & friends

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