Design Matters Teaching online: a conference for creatives

Make a living doing what you love and can do best!

If you’re a creative who wants to learn how to make a living out of your creative work, look no further!

Chris Do, Evan Burse, Lisa Solomon, and other artists will share their knowledge and precious advice in this online conference.

“Teaching online: a conference for creatives” is a 4-hour online conference designed for creatives who want to take their online teaching skills to the next level. It will benefit both experienced online teachers as well as those looking to become one.


When done right, online education can bring amazing results and can be just as inspiring and rewarding as a physical classroom! Everyone knows its potential, but only few know how to teach online the right way.

You will get insights from the best in the industry on how to deliver the best and most engaging online teaching. You will leave with lots of inspiration as well as specific how-to’s on how to get started teaching creativity and design online.


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Stay tuned! This talk will be announced soon!

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