Pop-ups and previous events

TOKYO POP-UP – Creative Empowerment, The designer’s role, Design Trends, and Scandinavian Design

This is the first pop-up event of Design Matters. The role designers hold in creating beautiful but useful products and how to empower designers’ creativity are some of the themes we will discuss with Japanese designers. We will also dig into some of the latest design trends and discover the Scandinavian philosophical approach to design.

Some of the speakers: Figma, Slack, BBC, Designit, Volvo Cars Labs

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Design Matters 19 – Minimal Tech, Design + Activism, ‘Are we on the same page?’

In the fifth of Design Matters, we explored how to create less intrusive digital products to avoid tech burnout. Together with the audience, we discussed how design can give minorities a voice and fight for the planet. And lastly, we looked into how collaborative tools are changing the way designers work, taking teamwork to a new dimension.

Some of the speakers: Duolingo, Slack, Figma, Behance, LEGO.

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Design Matters 18 –
Design for Change, ‘Be a Rebel’ and Mixed Realities

In the fourth edition of Design Matters, we addressed what roles and responsibilities designers hold in a world that has an increasing need for change. We talked about how designers can create immersive experiences in mixed realities, and how being a “Design Rebel” can bring innovation and generate outstanding designs.

Some of the speakers: Minecraft, The Outline, Headspace, Dropbox, Medium.

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Design Matters 17 –
Embrace Failure, Conversational UI’s and Product Design DNA

In the third edition of Design Matters, we explored how we can design products without a visible interface. We also explored how to make the “design DNA” extend to all the touchpoints of a product. And finally, we discussed failure, and how embracing and accepting it can lead to great design solutions.

Some of the speakers: Spotify, Netflix, Vox Media, Uber.

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Design Matters 16 –
Fun and Casual Design

In the second edition of Design Matters, we went on a highly personal, informal and jolly journey to discover and break down the borders between users and interfaces. It was all about making the experience engaging and amusing!

Some of the speakers: Slack, Emojipedia, MailChimp, Google, BuzzFeed.

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Design Matters 15 –
Game-changers in Digital Design

In the first edition of Design Matters ever, we gathered designers from all over the world. They shared their insights, learnings, and ideas on how to disrupt tradition and change the rules within digital design.

Some of the speakers: Airbnb, Clue, Volvo, BBC, Spotify, and MailChimp.

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