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Danes rank among the happiest people in the world. And Copenhagen doesn’t fail at showing you why. This small Nordic Copenhagen is filled with history, fascinating architecture, green spaces, and cozy restaurants and cafés.

There is so much to see, experience, and taste. Get ready to fall in love.

Design Matters cares about the environment!

Every year, many people from all over the world travel to Design Matters, leaving a significant carbon footprint. We are aware of the importance of reducing the impact we have on the climate, so we decided to take action.

We will compensate for the CO2 produced by each flight our participants take. CHOOOSE – a climate action streaming service that helps fight climate change and reduce environmental footprint – will determine a price for each flight. The money we spend will go to CO2-reducing projects that produce clean energy in developing Countries. Each quota CHOOOSE buys is green and links to 1 ton of CO2 reduction.

We also partnered up with Human Hotel, a home-sharing community where users match with local creatives and stay with them. Staying with a local designer will allow you to experience Copenhagen like a local, but also to reduce your CO2 emissions up to 88%, compared to staying in a Copenhagen hotel.

Hotels, hotels, hotels

We recommend you stay in Vesterbro (København V), Sydhavnen (København SV) or in the “inner city” (København K).

Design Matters has partnered up with Hotel Coco. The participants interested in staying at Hotel Coco will receive a discount code.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important and you can find a reliable list of hotel recommendations here.

Participants can also find accommodation through Human Hotel, with which Design Matters has partnered with.

Getting around

Public transport
Public transport in Copenhagen is reliable and safe. With relatively short distances and the newly opened City Circle Line of the Metro, getting around Copenhagen and the surrounding region is incredibly easy.

Buy single tickets
The tickets for the Metro, buses, and trains are integrated into one system, meaning that one ticket is valid for all the three means of transport.
You can buy your ticket in ticket machines, 7-Eleven kiosks located by train and Metro stations, or from the driver if you’re traveling by bus and have some cash with you.

Use a travel card or the app
You can also get a Rejsekort that you can use on Metro, buses, and trains and that you can refill when your credit is low. You can buy it at the 7-Eleven kiosks near the train and Metro stations. Another alternative is buying metro, bus, train tickets online or through the DOT Tickets App.

Biking in Copenhagen
Copenhagen is best explored by bike. The city is indeed renowned for its biking culture and excellent cycling infrastructure. In fact, about 50% of Copenhageners choose to bike to work and school every day.

You can rent a bike in one of the many bike shops scattered around the city or you can rent a Donkey bike. Donkey Republic is a self-service bike-sharing system that made cycling around Copenhagen easier for visitors. Download the app, find an orange Donkey bike near you, and explore the city!

The insider’s guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a pocket-sized fairytale packed with stylish hangouts. We have made a guide based on our favorite places. We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

See the guide

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