Nerd Session Master the fundamentals of behavioural design

Detailed Program

Thursday, June 25

  • Introducing Behaviour: Get up to speed regarding the fundamentals of behavioural insights, using up-to-date research studies and applied examples from the wild.
  • Performing Experiments:Guidance on how to overcome your ‘God Complex’, develop an experimental mindset and perform successful behavioural experiments

Thursday, July 2

  • Best Practices: A session on avoiding so-called  “dark patterns” and apply principles with nuanced finesse to ensure long-term loyalty and positive, empathic user experiences.
  • Combining Principles: A hands-on session exploring the ways in which principles relate to one another and can be combined for maximum impact and to create unique business models.

Thursday, July 9

  • Behavioral Analysis: Learn how to diagnose business problems through a behavioural lens to identify the behavioural drivers underlying a challenge and surface those that can provide a solution.
  • Beyond nudging: Discover how to move beyond using behavioural science to design ‘nudges’ and use it to imagine whole new experiences and business models from the ground up.
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