Live Scribing

Sep 27-28

Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams is a founder, director and illustrator at Scribble Inc. She has worked with leading HR, Marketing and Comms teams to help visualise their important messages, articulate problems, communicate shared understanding, and formulate solutions. Hannah's journey with illustations began from the skill of being able to listen, synthesise, and draw information quickly grew whilst studying at Manchester School of Art. Tutors recognised this and began sharing digitised versions of her notes on the University intranet meaning other students had the opportunity to catch up. It was through this recognition and years of experience in industry that she realised how powerful visuals can be, which inspired the incorporation of Scribble Inc in 2018.

Live Scribing

At the conference you are able to see Hannah in action as she will be live scribing the talks over the 2 days as well as illustrating the spirits, atmosphere and everything happening at the venue. You can discover the work of an illustrator while being able to mingle and connect.


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