Get your hands dirty in one of our nerdy workshops.

Ruth & Georgina

Equality in tech is very important, but how do we do it? Ruth and Georgina will us how to apply Feminist Internests Design standards and create more equal products.

Ruth & Georgina

Alva Skog

Explore illustration as a form of activism! You'll learn to work against reproducing stereotypes and to represent female as well as non-binary identities.

Alva Skog

Melissa Pickering

In this workshop you will meet the LEGO product team and build new ideas on how to expand future digital play opportunities, bringing the physical brick to life. Be there and be square!


Allison & Tey

Learn how to foster better cross-disciplinary collaboration and align with leadership on the value of great design.

Allison & Tey, McKinsey

Roxy & Jerome

Learn the psychology that underpins the way users think and feel to make better research-based decisions.

Roxy & Jerome, Coglode

Jane Ruffino

A workshop about the principles and steps for naming the things we make.

Jane Ruffino

Bianca Berning

Learn how we respond emotionally to diffrent fonts and how to start working with variable fonts.

Bianca, Dalton Maag


Improve your illustrator skills with new techniques and see your product come alive.


We’re still announcing speakers to the program <3

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