Timo Dries Executive Director

FOX & Sheep (SHINE)

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The creation of SHINE and what to consider when attacking a T-Rex with a torch light

In 2018 Fox & Sheep wanted to try something new. So they left their comfort zone of cute characters and bright colours and set out to a new adventure: A mindful app for the whole family that doesn’t feed on the player’s dopamine levels.

Timo will give insights on how Fox & Sheep approached this project and most importantly what worked and what went horribly wrong.

About Timo

As a kid, Timo always wanted to work for Disney. Then he discovered his love for music and neglected his drawing skills. Today he is Executive Director of Fox & Sheep, responsible for the idea, vision, look & feel as well as the realization of new, innovative digital products for kids.

He is leading teams of award winning artists, developers and sound designers, driving them crazy with weird stickman mock-ups and home recorded humming choirs.

Throughout his years at Nickelodeon and Wooga, he developed a deep passion for user experience & usability. Besides that he’s pretty good at Super Bomberman 2 on the SuperNintendo.

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