COPENHAGEN SEP 29-30, 2021

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Sofie Riise Nors

Illustrator & Meme Warrior


Feminism and satire

Feminism and satire

Illustrator and writer Sofie Riise Nors consciuously works with ugly drawing lines as a rebellious commentary to society’s expectations of perfection to women. She actually claims that womanhood can be multidimensional: rough and brutal and, at the same time, graceful and kind. While women and femmes enjoy their complex portrayal of their lives, men are left grumpy and confused. How can a woman so “bad” at drawing, claim to be a succesful illustrator?
In her talk about feminism, humor, satire and art, Sofie will explain what it’s like to be a woman – let alone a FEMINIST – artist in the public eye.

About Sofie

Sofie Riise Nors, 26, is a design graduate from Design School Kolding. She has made a name for herself on the Danish Feminist art scene over the past few years.

With her self illustrated memes, she now has a following of 24k on her Instagram @waginapineapple. In 2019 she illustrated her first book, at Denmark’s most renowned publisher Gyldendal, illustrating the Feminist debate book Gode Kasser written by creative and comedic duo Ditte Hansen and Louise Mieritz. In May 2021 she had her debut as a comic book artist with the book Sexmagasinet, a satirical book channeling 4th wave Feminsm, examining patriarchy’s oppression of femininity and the opportunities of exploiting women’s erotic capital in late capitalist society.

With her humor, her mission is to communicate new age Feminism with an edgy and “ugly” aesthetic. Combining a feminine and anarchist drawing style, she’s challenging society expectations of perfection towards women as professionals as well as human beings.

Photo credits (Sofie in the white outfit): Kenneth Laugaard Adersen