Pablo Stanley

InVision Lead Designer

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Bringing together beautiful design and honorable intentions isn’t always easy! Pablo Stanley will talk about his work at InVision and many other exciting projects where illustration is king. His projects and illustrations are fun, engaging, and beautifully designed. His work isn’t only made to have a pleasant look, but also to support communities and diversity. For example, Humaaans is a project where you can mix and match illustrations of people, clothes, hair, and poses, using a design library. Sketch Together is a simple and easy to use series of workshops to learn design, animation and prototyping.

About Pablo

Pablo Stanley is an illustrator and UI designer who successfully combines delightful illustrations and design projects with a noble agenda. He is a Lead Designer at InVision, but also the co-founder of Carbon Health – a modern tech-enabled healthcare provider. In addition, he is manager of the community Latinx Who Design,  helping Latinxs thrive in the design industry. He also has a podcast in Spanish were he connects with creatives, and writes silly comics.

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