COPENHAGEN SEP 23-24, 2020

Marcin Wichary

Figma Design Manager

I pressed ⌘B. You wouldn’t believe what happened next

Whenever you press ⌘B in Figma to make your text bold, what happens is a choreography of events of surprising complexity.

It’s a collision of two worlds – keyboard shortcuts and typography – each one with years and years of bugs, history, and decisions with unexpected consequences.

Let’s take a look under Figma’s hood and check out what *really* happens in there whenever you press two simple keys.

About Marcin

Marcin Wichary is a Design Manager at Figma, working mostly in the field of editing and typography. At Figma, he previously worked on auto layout, links, selection colors, and many typographical features. Before then, he spent a few years at Medium, Code for America, and Google. He’s also finishing a book about the history of keyboards and typing.

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