COPENHAGEN SEP 29-30, 2021

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Lisa Apers

Lead Designer


Design systems & creativity

How design systems can increase creativity in cross-functional teams

Design systems and designers have had a love-hate relationship for a long time, as design systems add restrictions and leave less room for creative exploration. At Undo, they disagree – their design system is seen as a framework to create more room for creativity.

Their design process includes a “creativity assessment” where they identify touchpoints of the user journey that need more creative thinking than others. This approach allows engineering to start developing according to the design system, while designers can focus on what they do best: being creative while still making sure a coherent user experience is established across different features and platforms.

In this talk, Lisa will share her hands-on experiences working with design systems at Undo, collaboration with engineers, investment in designOps, and creativity.

About Lisa

Originally from Belgium, Lisa is Lead Designer at UNDO, a Copenhagen-based startup that is reinventing the way young people approach insurance. Though the design of the UNDO app, she is helping make insurances less intimidating. Who said insurances have to be dull and boring? UNDO has successfully replaced bureaucratic processes and unnecessary roadblocks with technology and accessibility.