COPENHAGEN SEP 23-24, 2020

Maria & Lasse

Designit Director & Senior Service Designer

Trusting Invisibility: Designing Futures We Can’t See

Trust is fundamental to us, as designers and as humans. Global systems, personal relationships and our society can’t function without it. And in digital product design trust is essential, now more than ever. This is especially challenging because we see more and “invisible” features, where AI’s and algorithms are controlling how the product behaves. And when algorithms make increasingly important decisions on our behalf, how do we balance the desire for simplicity with the need for transparency and accountability? As designers we tend to make things as simple and friction-less as possible. But how can we design trust into what we can’t see or even understand? 
In this playfully hands-on workshop we’ll explore this very topic. Though research, collaborations and speculative prototypes, we’ll discuss our findings, dilemmas and exemplify different outcomes.
Because we’re not here to predict the future. We’re here to make it.

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