Lakrids Master Class

Lakrids by Bülow

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Liquorice, or lakrids in Danish, is one of the most loved treats in Scandinavia. There are many different varieties to choose from: sweet, salty, soft, hard, covered in chocolate, etc .

Lakrids by Bülow, founded in 2007, is considered to be a symbol of the Nordic taste and has affirmed itself for the quality of its products. It produces classy chocolates coated liquorice, and offers a huge variety of delicious and refined flavors.

A sensory liquorice experience

We invite you to test our gourmet products in a different and sensory way. With a tasting of our raw ingredients, we give you an experience of high quality, craftmanship and innovative flavor combinations. Have you ever tasted cooked liquorice together with raw habanero chili? Or creamy milk chocolate together with liquorice and fresh coffee beans?

We tell the story about how different tastes, colors and consistencies effect our brain and we can’t wait to impress you.

So, are you eager to learn how to produce the best liquorice? Go off-track and attend this Master Class led by Lakrids by Bülow! Your taste buds will thank you!

A limited number of spots are available. All participants will receive a sign-up mail in September. Please check that you receive our emails.

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