Karsten & Kristina

Falcon.io Design Director & UX Research Manager

User Story Mapping: Why the shampoo comes before the toothbrush

When you got up and went to the shower this morning, what did you do? Did you bring the toothbrush with you, so that you had it within reach? Did you make sure the window was open to prevent the mirror from clouding so that you could style your hair after the shower?

Mapping a user story is an easy way to create a shared understanding of the needs of a user and their expectations once they embark on a journey with your product or service. Chances are that you and your teammates have different perspectives on a user’s experience, and co-creating a story ties in all those loose ends.

In this workshop, you will learn to write user stories that help your team collaborate, create empathy for the users, and design products that are easy to use – even though the paths the user is taking isn’t always simple.

About Kristina & Karsten

Kristina Kristoffersen is a seasoned UX researcher with startup and agency backgrounds. Kristina and her team of researchers support Falcon’s designers and product managers in finding the right questions and answers. Kristina has a background from the IT University in Copenhagen, with a Master’s in Digital Design and Communication, specialized in user-centered design.

Karsten Mikaelsen is an experienced product designer, turned design leader. Karsten dropped out of Design School when his first startup got funding and has been involved in startups, scale-ups and hyper-growth companies ever since. Most recently as Head of Product at Pleo until joining Falcon.io as Director of Product Design 3,5 years ago.

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