COPENHAGEN SEP 29-30, 2021

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Joël Van Bodegraven

Product Designer


Interested in the core principles, pitfalls and opportunities of Anticipatory design, Joël has written the e-book Artificial Intelligence Driven Design together with a group of AI experts. Joël will take you on a journey to reflect on and discuss both the exciting and concerning ways in which AI will impact UX design. He will finally guide in you discovering how it’s possible to design meaningful experiences in the era of AI-driven products & services.

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About Joël

Joël is a Product Designer at Adyen with a passion for AI and Machine Learning, Predictive UX, and anticipatory design. He recently wrote the ebook ‘Artificial Intelligence Driven Design’ together with a group of AI experts, where he dives into how AI will impact UX design, and how to design meaningful experiences in an era with AI-driven products & services.