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Climate Adaptation, Design at the Front Lines

As designers we’re familiar with the push of technological change to unlock new potential and innovation. What about the push of environmental change— what does it mean to be a designer when the physical and biologic infrastructure of our world starts rapidly changing?

Francesca Desmarais is a design lead for the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design where she spearheads a venture to use digital design to help communities adapt to a changing climate. Sharing case studies and experiences from the field, Francesca will talk about incorporating the natural science into our design work, taking a back seat to let design amplify other disciplines, and how some of the biggest opportunity for good design might not be where you expect.

About Francesca

Francesca Desmarais is an Interaction Design Lead at CIID. Across the institute, she leads professional projects with organisations and companies, teaches workshops, and is venturing a specific focus for CIID on designing for climate adaptation.

She has a background in environmental and social design. Her passion is fusing disciplines to shape a design process that helps communities and systems adapt to climate change.

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