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Behavioural Science Workshop

Join Jerome and Roxy in a highly energizing and interactive workshop on behavioral design. They’ll introduce you to a number of core behavioral principles that will help you understand the psychology that underpins the way your users think and feel so that you can make better design decisions backed by research. While learning about the psychology of others, you might also understand yourself a little better too!

The workshop is based on the team training that Coglode has delivered to Spotify, Facebook, and Boston Consulting Group, and will make use of Coglode’s behavioral design toolkit, Nuggets, to quickly get you up to speed with the core cognitive principles you should be designing around.

About Jerome and Roxy

Prior to founding Coglode, Roxy and Jerome both worked at Ribot, an award-winning agency that works with Google, Channel Four, Tesco, and Disney.

They are particularly interested in consumer psychology, cognitive bias, and behavioral economics.

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