Chloe Parks Director of Creative Strategy


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What are we saying? A discussion on Visual Storytelling

Design works best when it’s deeper than the surface level when the visual constitution of the piece, campaign, or product works in tandem with its message to communicate a thought clearly.

In 2019, there’s an undeniable push for more progressive visual storytelling, but it’s imperative that the aesthetic choices made in the name of inclusivity are authentic representations of values and not merely woke-washing.

Design is a powerful tool for communication and creating work consciously is a responsibility for designers in the modern landscape, who wield tremendous power in how brands and corporations are perceived by the public.

About Chloe

Chloe Parks is a Creative Director based in Los Angeles, CA. Throughout her experience in media, fashion, and wellness industries, she aims to consistently inform her work with levity and honesty.

When she’s not busy building things at startups, she’s writing jokes, drinking sparkling water, and forgetting where her phone is.

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