Catt Small

Asana Senior Product Designer

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How many times have you looked at a digital product and thought “this does more harm than good”? Often, companies create digital products that solely focus on aesthetics. They forget that tackling issues related to ethics is equally important. Making sure that a design doesn’t violate user privacy, e-safety, and health has become a relevant topic of discussion lately. With the rise of AI and intelligent systems, there is a need to create rules that prevent technology misuse and bad intentions to take over.

Bringing her 19 year long experience, Catt Small will jump on stage at Design Matters 20 to explore how designers can create products and systems that don’t harm the user, supporting her talk with data visualization. 

About Catt

Catt Small is Senior Product Designer at Asana, and the co-founder of Code Liberation, a non-profit organization that helps people of marginalized gender identities program games. She also makes video games as the one-third of the game development studio Brooklyn Gamery.

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