COPENHAGEN SEP 23-24, 2020

Anita Patwardhan Butler

Twitter Design Director

Censorship or Freedom of Speech? Twitter’s Approach to Misinformation

At Design Matters 2.0, Anita will dig deep into the theme “Real Fake”. She’ll expose the challenge of dealing with misinformation on Twitter and debate if it’s Twitter’s role to manage that content. She’ll also expose the creative ways politicians, activists and extremist groups create “fake” content, and when and how Twitter enforces its policies, even when it’s from the national leaders or public figures.

About Dantley

Anita Butler is a San Francisco-based design director at Twitter leading numerous design teams focused on the health of the Twitterverse. Prior to Twitter, she was the Head of Design for Facebook’s Stories Experience where she helped build the Stories format. At Facebook, she learned deeply how social networks work and why people share. Anita lives with her husband and 2 boys in San Francisco. In her spare time, she likes to make things and torture her kids with long hikes and walks on the beach.

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