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Originally, Copenhagen was a Viking fishing village founded in the 10th century. Today the vibrant city is known for creativity and design, and has grown into being the epitome of Scandi cool. It's a city filled with New Nordic design, high quality food, beautiful bridges and lots of cycling commuters.

The Design Matters team is in love with the city. Below you can find our personal recommendations to experiences in and outside of Copenhagen.

Enjoy the city and send us your recommendations and favorite places. 


According to Lonely Plantet this is among the coolest neighbourhoods in the world. Ingrid from Design Matters lives in Vesterbro, which is the former working-class area, but now one of the most fashionable places in Copenhagen. Ingrid's insider tips top Vesterbro:


Mia from Design Matters lives in the vibrant, casual and young Copenhagen quarter - Nørrebro.  Mia's insider tips to Nørrebro:


Julie from Design Matters lives just across the bridge from Downtown. Christianshavn is well known for the world famous Freetown Christiania and Noma. Enjoy the unique maritime atmosphere, cobbled streets and small local cafes along the canals. Julie's insider tips to Christianshavn:


Outside Copenhagen at the countryside lives Michael from Design Matters. "Sjælland" (the island Copenhagen i located at) is filled lots of cool art and culture, so don't forget to seek out experiences outside the city. Michael's insider tips to the countryside:


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