COPENHAGEN SEP 29-30, 2021

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COVID-19 Policy

To Design Matters, the safety of its attendees, speakers, and staff is a priority. This is why Design Matters follows all the directions and recommendations from the Danish authorities.


The conference set up
Hand sanitiser and a face mask will be given to everyone at the beginning of the conference. Additional face masks and hand sanitiser will be at everyone’s disposal. Every seat will be positioned at a safe distance to ensure that the number of people per square metre adheres the rules. 

The rules
All participants will have to maintain a safe distance even when standing or moving to a different space. Dedicated Design Matters staff will make sure that the distance between people is respected and that everyone complies to the rules. Everyone must also respect the signs indicating the direction to follow – e.g. on the stairs.

Do not show up if you have symptoms of illness and you have been in areas where there may be a potential risk of infection. We recommend that participants, speakers, and staff get tested for COVID-19 before attending the event, but note that the Danish law does not require it. We trust the sense of responsibility of the people taking part in the event to act in a way that doesn’t put others in danger. If you have taken a test, and you test positive for COVID-19, please do not attend the physical event (you can still get a Live Stream ticket and enjoy the conference!). If you come from outside Denmark and want to get tested in Denmark, please note that test results are available within 72 hours. So, if you are not resident in Denmark and want to get tested, make sure to get tested at least 72 hours before the event.

Additional measures
In addition to the mandatory requirements from the authorities, Design Matters will also:
– provide an outdoor area to be used for breaks
– provide a larger room for the workshops
– provide a spacious lunch area, possibly outdoors (if the weather allows it)
– have dedicated Design Matters staff who will disinfect seats and surfaces regularly
– store jackets and other personal belongings in a separate wardrobe room where only dedicated Design Matters staff are allowed, to make sure the room is never crowded and all items are touched only when necessary
– only accept participants from Denmark, and Countries that are marked by the Danish Government as ‘open’. Participants from banned countries will not be accepted.

Testing stations have been set up at Copenhagen Airport/the Øresund Bridge, at Billund Airport and at the Kruså and Frøslev border crossings to Germany. Danes and foreign tourists can be tested for COVID-19 at these stations, which will be open every day at least during the daytime. People entering Denmark can call the official coronavirus hotline at tel. +45 70 20 02 33 for further information.

If you are a foreign visitor and are tested at a corona swab test centre, you will only be contacted by the staff if you test positive for coronavirus. If you are not contacted within 72 hours, then you are not infected. The tests are carried out by TestCentre Denmark. Find the list of centres here. Testing does not require booking a time.

All people resident in Denmark and issued with the Danish NemID will receive their test result at no later than 48 hours after the test. Residents who have been invited for a test by SSI via email in e-Boks can book an appointment on TestCentre Denmark’s clinics in the Capital Region of Denmark are at Fælledparken, Friheden, Ballerup, Hillerød, Bornholm. Find more information here.

Download the app
We encourage everyone who joins the conference to download the app smittestop, which can help us detect infections and prevent the spread of the virus. You can download the app at

Medical Assistance
If you think you need medical assistance, contact the numbers listed in this document compiled by the Danish Health Authority.

Who can travel to Denmark
People who reside in an ‘open’ country, can travel into Denmark with a worthy purpose. Coming to attend Design Matters falls into the worthy purpose of work/business/study, and, as stated by the Police, you must be able to present evidence, such as an email, of the time and place of the event. You should also be able to present the contact details (e.g. name, email or phone number) of a person in the Design Matters team, who can confirm the information provided by you.

Read more about open and banned countries here. Note that the list of open and banned countries is constantly updated.

Flying in
If you are flying to Copenhagen, check-in online and use contactless services when you can, and make sure that you bring with you a sufficient amount of face masks for the entire journey. Remember to always wear a mask at the airport, on the aircraft, and until you exit the airport. Always maintain a safe distance of 1 metre between you and other travellers.

If you wish to be tested for COVID-19 at the Copenhagen Airport, you can do that at the test centre in the parking area P5, outside of Terminal 3. Read more how to travel safely through Copenhagen Airport here


Please contact us at if you have any questions.

The Design Matters Team