Meet the committee:
8 designers from around the world


The Design Matters Committee consists of 8 excellent designers from some of the best and most happening companies around the world.

In January 2018 we met up in San Francisco for a workshop about topics, trends and inspiration for Design Matters 18.

As a part of this, the group discussed:
- What is going to be the most interesting UI/UX trend in 2018?
- What is the hottest design right now?
- What is the coolest startup right now?
- Who should speak at Design Matters 18?

But why?
We believe that the committee members adds a global and diverse perspective to Design Matters. Engaging the community by understanding which trends and needs they spot, we're able to create more relevant and interesting conference.

Who are they?
Most of the committee members were also speakers at Design Matters 2017:

From left to right: Ingrid Haug (Design Matters), Bojana Jamborcic (Typeform), Nicholas Felton (Feltron), David Bailey (BBC), Michael Christiansen (Design Matters), Amy Roberts (Google), Hazel Jennings (Instagram), Molly Nix (Uber), Martin Thornkvist (, and Sam Horner (former Netflix)

Partners & friends

We have lot of cool people that helps Design Matters become alive. Become a friend of Design Matters

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